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Kristian Vodder Svensson

Artwork for sale in Berlin

Kristian Vodder Svensson is born in 1976 in Tønder, Denmark


Kristian is educated from Funen Art Academy in Denmark. He now lives and works in Stege on the island Møn I Denmark


Kristian works primarely in large formats. His works are floating worlds full of details. He doesn´t usually give his works titels. The interpretation is up to the viewer. His universe is simultaneously alien and completely well known. It is a self-sufficient biotope, which is both vulnerable and brutally perishable. It's free imagination – and the reality we all live in.


Fantasy and fairytales play an import part in Kristians world. He sets sails straight into the fairytale, the wild nature and limitless adventures. You will find the land of dreams, where people will not always be present and especially not in the front. In stead you will find a deer in it´s own world, a bird of prey fly under the jungle or a fish.


Kristian has performed a wide range of artistic decorating jobs including gable paintigs He has a comprehensive exhibition business in Denmark and abroad.

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