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Tatjana Schülke

Artwork for sale in Berlin

Tatjana Schülke is born in 1960 in Bonn, Germany


Tatjana is educated from Hochschule der Künste Berlin – now UdK Berlin and has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. She lives and works in Berlin


Tatjana primarely works with wall objects, sculptures, reliefs and collages. She mixes soft forms with ferm regorous objects or adds spikes to organic forms. These contrasts, which should not work together, gives Tatjana´s work an edge and exactly these difference draw them together like magnets.


Curriosity plays a significant role in Tatjana´s life. You will find that above all in her enthusiasm for and joy in objects of every kind and in their material characteristis, which inspire her and which she modifies and transforms. They form the basis for her work.


Tatjana has had a large number of exhibitions in both Germany and abroad. In 2001 she received Tempelhof-Schöneberg Artprice (1. price)

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