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Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi is born in 1941 in Copenhagen and is a Danish designer and artist.


Per Arnoldi has worked with many media, including painting, sculptures, ceramics and posters and has made designs for many companies, organizations and institutions, doing air planes, train stations, hospitals, architecture, monuments, stores, company profiles, handicrafts and everyday utensils. His  characteristic simplistic expressions are often categorized as modern art.


Per Arnoldi has worked in many countries around the world and is on permanent exhibition in several prestigious art and design institutions for his unique and influential productions, including Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Apart from his prolific poster art production, some of Per Arnoldi´s best known single works are the logo and curtains designs of the Copenhagen Opera House from 2004 and London's National Police Memorial, co-designed with Foster + Partners. Other well-known works include the "Romantic Construction", "The Wall", and "Corrections".


Per Arnoldi has designed the colours for the German Reichstag in Berlin, among them the blue colour of the parliamentarians' chairs and the blue door colour of the Federal Chancellor's office.

Per Arnoldi


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